Monday, May 7, 2012

the day has come

I feel like there's very few resources that fully prepare a woman for the reality of labor.  Partly because everybody labors differently and partly because probably women wouldn't want to have babies if they knew what they had to go through in order to have one.

Right after my son was born I was determined to tell every friend of mine who had not yet given birth all the dirty details.  Four months have past and already I've forgot several of them.  Perhaps that's why all the dirty little secrets of child birth are kept in the dark.

I think the main things to remember when the day comes are:
1.  Have a plan and know on which things you will not compromise.
2.  Accept that your plan may not (and probably won't) go according to plans.
3.  Child birth is a lot of work and is no where close to how it looks on tv (and in my case much much longer labor.)  In fact, I would say the only thing that's the same is the sweat.

Helpful things for the hospital:
1. Pack less than you think you'll need, b/c you'll mostly be wearing a hospital gown.
2. Remember that you can't eat (and your breath will stink) so be prepared to brush your teeth (and in my case, in bed with a cup of water and a spit pan).
3. Remember that your husband (or coach) can eat.  Bring easy food for him--and caffeine.
4. Hairbrush and hair ties.
5.  I wish I had brought a cute hat and maybe a blanket of our own just to have cute pictures (not a biggie at all though).
6.  Decide beforehand if you want to pay for hospital pictures or have someone else take them later--it's hard to say no when you've just fallen in love.
7.  Laptop/smartphone to update people because if you don't contact friends and family they'll go crazy.
8. Unless you want to depress yourself (or you're the exception to the rule who springs back immediately), pack sweatpants or gym shorts and sandals to go home in.  Your belly won't be as flat as you had hoped and your feet will be swollen like jello.

Good luck when your special, life-changing day comes!

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