Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Pinterest Perusing Mama

Dear Pinterest Perusing Mama,
Funny Confession Ecard: Pinterest makes me feel lazy, unimaginative, a poor excuse for a mother and a wife. So much so I must act on it .... and take a nap!
Do you sometimes get down on yourself?  You scan your Pinterest page and see all the amazing crafts other moms are doing.  Wow, those moms are like superheroes.  They must be the best, most fun moms EVER.

Do you feel the need to strive to be like them?  Maybe these ecards will help sum up some of what you're feeling?  It can be discouraging, right?

Well, Pinterest Perusing Mama, I'm here to tell you it's ok.  Lots of mamas are trying to figure out motherhood and trying to be the best moms they can be for their kids.  And they're not superheros.

There's always going to be a mama who's more gifted in a certain area than you, but that's ok.  You're more gifted than her in a different area.    Pinterest Perusing Mama, if you're not a professional with a jar of Mod Podge, that's ok.  Mod Podge and mason jars are not the things that make you a good mom.

Funny Confession Ecard: Everyone's trying new recipes from Pinterest. And... I'm here saying... 'Honey, the microwave beeped. Dinner's ready!!'Cooking a gluten-free, paleo, low cal, delicious tasting, three course meal with a flour-less, chocolate dessert, and fresh squeezed lemonade is not the things your children will remember from their childhood.

Pinterest Perusing Mama, your kids don't even know that other moms spend their time meticulously blogging about the awesome activities they're doing with their children.

All your babies want (no matter how old they are) is YOU.
Funny Family Ecard: Go play now honey, it's time for mommy to pin ideas Pinterest about how I can be a better mom, later.
There are some special personality types that do have the energy and choose to spend their time trying to do it all.  But I want to let you know, that is NOT the norm (at least I don't think it is!)

Pinterest Perusing Mama, ENJOY Pinterest.  This post is not meant to try and talk you out of a fun activity, however, it is meant to encourage us to put things back in perspective if they have gotten a little out of control.  I also want to make sure, Mama, that you're not putting undue pressure on yourself to be an unattainable superhero.  Superheros are (awesome, but) fictional.  Not real.

I love you, Pinterest Perusing Mama, because in the end you just want to be the best mom you can be, so keep it up.  But let's both keep it in perspective, too!


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