Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 things to help new moms

Isn't there a huge learning curve for new mommies!?
Here are 5 things I wish I had understood better during those first few tough months.

  1. All babies cry. 
    When you're hesitant about bringing your baby out in public for fear of a melt down, just remember, "The baby on the bus goes wah, wah, wah."  Sometimes I think about that song to console myself.  The baby doesn't go "zzz zzz zzz," or "giggle, giggle, giggle," the baby cries.  
  2. Parenting styles differ like crazy!
    I never even knew about phrases like "attachment parenting" or "parent led sleep."  I was not prepared for the strong opinions people have about their differing styles.  Your decisions are (probably) not wrong, they just might be different than the next mom.
  3. Nursing is often really hard.
    Not only can the logistics of nursing be tricky, but it also takes time and emotional commitment.  I struggled a lot with knowing when to feed my son, when to schedule my son, when to not schedule him, and when to tell other people to back off because he was my son!
  4. Mommy-recovery needs to be a priority.
    Don't neglect your healing body because you feel guilty for spending time on yourself.  You need to keep any wounds or stitches clean, you need to take showers, and you need to eat.  Happy mamas eat.
  5. Sleep is really important.
    Moms feel this pull to be everything for their baby.  They need to rush to their baby's aide at the first peep.  They need to let their baby stay latched on all night so their baby can sleep (while they lay there awake.)  Moms need sleep.  Your brain functions poorly with out it, you're patience gets shot, you're less productive, and you become weak with out sleep.  Find strategies that help you get more of it!  I suggest pacis, daddies, and putting the baby in his own bed. (Also the suggestions that are in the DVD in this post.)

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