Monday, February 25, 2013

Walking where God leads

Whenever children are involved, it seems there is a lesson to be learned.  There's something God is trying to teach me through the children I am with.

When I remember God is my parent and I am His child, it makes it easy to translate since I am Sam's parent and he is my child.

A month ago I literally laughed out loud when one of these comparisons came so close to home.  I tend to be a worrier and over and over again my husband would tell me, "The birds of the air do not sow or reap and yet your heavenly Father feeds them, are you not much more valuable?"  On this particular day Sam was melting down and I was scrambling to prepare some food for him...and then I yelled said, "Sam, I always feed you.  Why do you still freak out!?"  Seriously!?  I just paraphrased Matthew 6:26 to my one year old without even realizing it, yet I still have trouble trusting the CREATOR of the UNIVERSE for my own needs.

My sister gives a tear-jerking comparison about fearing God here.  Running with abandon sometimes gives me the chills.

Today my toddling son wanted nothing more than to walk up and down the sidewalk on our street.

No wait, he wanted to walk IN the street.  He wanted to chase the leaves that blew off the side walk and pick up rocks he saw in the road.  He settled for the sidewalk as I continued to steer him that way.  He would then begin veering off towards the road again and I would take his head and gently steer him back toward the side walk.  Even though Sam didn't know that the road was dangerous, I knew the street was not a safe place for a toddler to play. 

And isn't it like that with God?  We continually try veering off to the left or the right as a crunchy leaf catches our eye as it blows down the road, but gently God leads us back to where we need to go.  We don't know that the way we want to go is dangerous (well, sometimes we do,) but God knows what's ahead.

What lessons has God taught you through a child?


  1. Great blog Mary! I loved this!

    1. Thanks, Molly! I know your little man will be teaching you things, too, before you know it! :D