Friday, January 11, 2013

Our UNO-themed First Birthday

I've been so excited about Sam turning one year old since about, well, July.  And I came up with a brilliant and (what I thought was) original idea of using UNO cards and having an Uno themed birthday party--you know, since Sam was turning 1 and uno means 1 in Spanish. (I was shocked by how many people did not immediately put this together.)

After I came up with my BRILLIANT idea, I, of course, turned to Pinterest for inspiration, which is where I quickly learned it was not an original idea.  So I scoured the different pins and came up with some original ideas of my own and ended up having a really fun party with friends and family.

So the following is the culmination of a bunch of fun ideas.  Maybe someday you'll want to throw an Uno party for your baby! 
Sam's homemade invites printed on photo paper and mailed as postcards.
Sam's birthday banner.  A card for every month of the first year of his life.  A lot of work to make, but totally worth it!

A wreath I made for the door with Uno cards!
I made this garland from miniature Uno cards.  I love the tiny cards!
We cleared the cars out of the garage to make room for extra seating and had a different Uno games on the tables.
These are the fun, tiny, Uno cards.
I made Sam a custom 1-card/Uno-card shirt.  It looked pretty cute.
I made a spice cake and a funfetti cake and decorated them to look like cards.  So fun!
Sammy's enjoying his first tastes of cake.  I think he was a fan!
I went a little crazy with the color theme...note the bottle cap colors.  My mom also help me recreate some fruit trays that I saw on another blog that looked similar to a wild card.  We used strawberries, blueberries, green grapes, and cantaloupe (which is not yellow, but more edible for babies than pineapple.)  I also put out some bananas that were a big hit!  And we ate a Mexican-ish chili that I tied into the theme by claiming that since it was Mexican-ish, it went with Uno.
We had a photo booth that was fun, though next time I will use a sheet rather than a plastic table cloth.  It was...a little wrinkly.
And to end the party, the kiddos who came picked from a rubber ball or a punch ball balloon (that of course, were in the yellow-blue-red-green color scheme) as a party favor!

Hope you enjoyed seeing these ideas.  And if you were present, hope you enjoyed the party.  All three of us had a great time!  I'm ready to start planning for next year.


  1. How did you get the photos in the uno cards and how did you get the number past 9? I would LOVE to make one of those for my daughters 1st birthday. Thanks!

    1. I made the the photo banner using Photoshop. I have a background in graphic design and did a lot of work manipulating the images of the cards to add the numbers past 9! I also added the baby pictures in Photoshop.

      Do you have the ability to do this? Would you be interested in hiring me to make one for you?

      Good luck with your party!!! I had so much fun celebrating this big milestone for our family.

  2. If I pay you will you make one for me?

    1. I've just put up a listing on Etsy for 4 blank cards that you can use to make your own banner!