Saturday, December 29, 2012

life is dog-gone good

Back at the beginning of my son's life, it seemed I cried more than I smiled.  It could have been the probable PPD or the un-fun-ness of having a Colicky baby, but the bottom line...I wasn't loving motherhood.  In fact, I remember sending a text message to my neighbor that included a line something like, "This kid feels more like punishment than a blessing."

And then he grew up a little.

For those of you who may be stuck in the dark days losing hope for a fun future.  I'm here to testify:
It gets WAY better.

Our kid is fun, hilarious, and down right adorable.

He toddles like Frankenstein across our floor in his Superman PJs and my heart melts.
He laughs with his two tiny toothlings breaking through his gums.
He tackles our dog with gusto and is pleased with himself when his mission is accomplished.

Somewhere along the way our baby became a toddler--and it's awesome.
He even traveled in the car for more than four hours without stopping and was happy to take a break and pet our dog who was journeying with us!

I now truly consider myself blessed.  Our life is made richer because of Sam.  Thank you, Jesus.

Sam's first birthday is in 7 days!  Hip-hip-hooray!

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  1. I couldn't agree more. The second year is so much fun! :)