Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Grumpy Mama

Dear Grumpy Mama,

Maybe you're a really good person.  And maybe you usually have a great attitude.  And maybe today is just one of those days.  You're just plain grumpy.

Grumpy Mama,  maybe today your baby's teething and won't stop with that constant, underlying whine.  Or maybe she's feeling a little other the weather (and so are you) and you just don't want to haul her around on your hip all day.

Or maybe today your child just wants to be fed (or nursed) all day long and you just don't feel like preparing food or having your shirt up all day.

Maybe you got bad news from a family member or had a fight with one of your friends and parenting just doesn't sound like something you want to do right now.

Maybe today feels like it should be a pre-baby day in which you can curl in your bed and sleep away the afternoon or turn on the tv and watch a marathon of your favorite tv show (remember when I suggested you do that before the baby arrived?) only getting up to pee and eat.

Or Grumpy Mama,  maybe today you're sore from exercising or lifting something too heavy and your body hurts.  You just don't feel like being a snugly, nurturing, let-me-help-you-with-that kind of mama.

Guess what, mama?  All of us have felt that way some times.  We all occasionally want our "old life" back and to not have to take care of other people once in awhile.  You're normal.  You're not a bad mama for feeling that way.  (Let me repeat myself.)  You're not a bad mama.

In fact, I would say you're a healthy mama for being able to admit (at least to yourself) that parenthood is not all roses, gum drops, and baby giggles.  Sometimes you're just grumpy.

As long as the grumpiness doesn't overshadow the good days.  As long as you're loving life more often than you're not, it's ok.  (And if you're not, that doesn't make you a freak, it's possible you have PPD and need to talk to a doctor--like lots of other mamas.)

Grumpy Mama, I know people tell you that this time period is short and will pass quickly--and in a way it does--but some days it creeps by.  Hang in there, mama.  Your grumpy days will pass.

And if you and me are like-minded, these days will teach you to fully rely on Jesus Christ for your strength minute by minute.  Apart from Christ we can do nothing.
"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."  John 15:5
Rooting for you, grumpy mama.

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