Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my bags are packed and i'm ready to go

Well with FOUR ladies I know having babies this November, I thought it seemed appropriate for me to recount my days in the hospital and the first few days postpartum.  Well, not the days, so much, as the STUFF I used during those days.

With out further ado, here are two lists.
Things marked with an asterisk (*) are those items which I did not bring/have, but will bring or have ready next time!

for the hospital

  • chapstick
  • hair ties 
  • sweatpants/t-shirt/flip-flops (going home outfit for your not-yet-normal body)
  • an extra bag for all the things the hospital sends home
  • a "going home" outfit for baby (a warm one!)
  • a laptop for music/social media/entertainment (Netflix)
  • hairbrush (and other toiletries, though my hospital provided the basic ones--you may want your own)
  • breath mints
  • food for hubby (or 'coach' can't eat, but your spouse needs to so he can be strong for you!)
  • Depends adult diapers or large-super heavy flow pads* (in case you haven't been informed, there's a lot of blood during and after--a lot)
  • nursing sleep bra (next time I will probably bring a nursing tank instead)
  • button down flannel shirt for me, the mama, for convenient nursing and modest visitations*
  • Boppy pillow* (...meant to, but wasn't a must-have, though)
  • a baby blanket!*
  • a fun baby hat* (yes, the hospital provides a hat, but I wish I had pictures with a cute hat)
  • a fun blanket for me, the mama, so that I don't feel so hospital-y and exposed in my gown*
  • possibly a robe* (I could take it or leave it, but most people take it!)
My hospital provided a baby shirt, baby hat, baby blanket (not to keep), diapers, wipes, tiny baby bath, Vaseline, nursing pads, Lanolin cream, a manual breast pump, Sitz bath, squirt bottles, ice packs, mesh panties (ask for extra, esp. if you have a c-section, so I'm told), and socks (along with more stuff I'm sure I'm not remembering).

for the master bathroom

  • towels that are not your fancy ones--a stack of them
  • a nail or hook in the wall to hang aforementioned Sitz bath bag!
  • witch hazel pads 
  • the Sitz bath you brought from the hospital
  • the squirt bottle you brought from the hospital
  • flushable wipes
  • more giant pads or Depends and then eventually long panty liners
  • good quality toilet paper
Childbirth can be a bit traumatic for your body (go figure!) and pushing a baby out of it, leaves it a bit of a mess.  The better you take care of business, the quicker you heal and the faster you get back to feeling like you.  Do your Sitz bath!  You'll thank me later.

What other things did you find to be "must haves" at the hospital?

We're praying for you Kelly, Sarah, Christina, & Meagan!  Good luck next month!

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