Thursday, May 16, 2013

don't say the "c" word

You hear the whispers and see the glances as you try to dash out of church with your wailing baby who you've been paged to come get out of the arms of the gracious nursery volunteer who is holding your baby on his belly in her arms as she rocks and attempts to sooth him with her shhhing.

You've avoided saying the word for a few weeks now, but it just can't be denied any longer.
Your baby has....colic.


Isn't that how the story goes?  Babies who are assigned that word are suddenly freaks with crazy-underdeveloped intestines.  You get "bless your hearts" and "I'm so sorrys" from all the moms you talk to.  You get moms who raised (seemingly) spawns of Satan who tell you their horror stories while still shuddering a little bit as they reminisce.

Yet your baby doesn't seem that bad.  Right?  Surely she can't get stuck with that label.  No way!  You didn't suffer through forty long weeks of pregnancy and long hours of labor just to find out you got "stuck with a bad one!"

Mamas.  I feel like colic has gotten a bad rap.  And because of that, all of us new, frightened mamas tip-toe around the word to avoid getting our baby pinned with an unpinnable fate. 

But I'm here to dismiss the stigma.  A LOT of babies have colic...or are colicky...or have colic-like symptoms.  AND THAT'S OK.

Sure, it's no walk in the park and parents don't wish it upon their babies, but we all eventually get through it.  Hang in there, mama!

And don't be afraid to embrace the "c" word.  Once you do, it's a lot easier to live day to day because at least there's a reason for the gas, reflux, crying, and sleepless days and nights!

From one colic-baby-raising mama to another,
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P.P.S.  Guess what!?  This blog has been up and active for over a year!!!  Happy one year anniversary, blog!

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