Sunday, June 16, 2013

"i've never" with a twist

You know the game "I've never" right?  You say something you've never done (usually in a new group of people) and then the people that have done that thing have some kind of response.  Upon googling it, it looks like the most common 'something' is everyone rushing to find a new seat who has done the thing the "it" person has never done.  Resulting in the "it" person rushing to a seat and the new "it" being the person who didn't grab a new seat quick enough.  Got it?

I'd like to play a similar game with you--and by game, I really mean make a list.  I'd like to make a list with you.  I mean, that's kind of like a game, right? 

The idea goes like this: Pre-baby I said several things about parenthood that usually started, "I'll never [...] when I have kids!" and now I just look back and giggle at all the things I've done to survive parenthood that I never thought I would do.

I'll get the list going and I want your help adding to it.  I'll add your "I'll nevers" to the list with your name or initials and we can all laugh together.  Leave yours in the comments (or maybe even on FB and I'll do my best to add them all!) 

Here's the only rules:  Be nice!  And no judging.  Just because someone else does something one way doesn't mean the way you're choosing to do it is wrong.

  1. I'll never let my kids have messy snacks in the car.  -Mary
  2. I'll never let my baby sleep in my bed.  -Mary
  3. I swore I wouldn't be the mom to upload pics of her kid all the time. -Whitney
  4. I said I wouldn't dress her in all pink (I'm getting better about accepting pink into my life). -Whitney
  5. I will never give my baby cookies. -Whitney
  6. I will never use my iPhone as a distraction for my baby/toddler while out shopping, at a restaurant, etc. -Hannah
  7. I will never take my baby to daycare on the days I'm not working. -Whit's friend
  8. I will never let my child eat off the floor. -Whit's friend
  9. I will never let my child go in public with dirty clothes &/or hair not done. Whit's friend
  10. I'll never be quiet during nap time. She'll just have to sleep through it. -Sarah Q
  11. I'll never change my daughter's diaper on the display patio furniture in the middle of Sears. -Kelly B

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  1. I'll never be quiet during nap time. She'll just have to sleep through it. (Turned out she was never going to miss a party!):)