Friday, May 29, 2015

one of my best ideas

This idea is partially mine, partially the idea of my friend, Kate, and partially the idea of Matel and Command strips. When my kids were over at Kate's house, I noticed a wall mounted car track and immediately asked her a thousand questions about it!  What an awesome idea!

As I thought back to our house, I remembered all the toys and puzzles and cars scattered all over our floor a la Home Alone...just waiting to be stepped on.

When I remembered how much my kiddo loved the latch board puzzle from Melissa & Doug and how little I pulled it out of the closet because it was so bulky and inevitably fell off the couch and squashed someone, it occurred to me that I could screw it into the wall!  And when I talked to my husband about permanently attaching puzzles to the wall, he was a little apprehensive...and then I remembered the velcro command strips

It was the perfect solution!  I'm so happy with the way this turned out.  My kids have been happily distracted with these new additions.

I even added a regular Melissa & Doug truck puzzle to the wall.  I used velcro coins to attach each puzzle piece to the board so they pull off and go back on.  It's awesome! 

I have plans to attach a cookie sheet as a magnet board to our hallway wall too, but haven't done it yet.

I contemplated a chalk board, but was advised by a friend that the chalk powder would get all up in the carpet. (Although I did buy a board to seal and paint with chalkboard paint to add to our backyard!)

What are some other things I could slap up on the wall!?  Give me your best ideas!!!


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