Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am Angela Bennett

When I was growing up, my family and I really enjoyed Sandra Bullock movies.  We would watch (the tv version of) Speed over and over again.   Our favorite holiday-season movie soon became While You were Sleeping and still gets quoted often when topics of Cuba or mashed potatoes are brought up in conversation.

However, more recently I realized, if I'm not careful, I could easily become Angela Bennett--the character Sandra Bullock plays in The Net.
"Angela Bennett's a software engineer type who works from home and has few friends outside of cyberspace. Taking her first vacation in years she becomes embroiled in a web (sic) of computer espionage."
 While I don't see computer espionage in my future, I am realizing how easy it is to become a home-body.  I've been recently firing up my on-line craft store and, after making a sale, I was thrilled when I realized I could print a shipping label from my computer and take the package to my mailbox and never have to get in the car.  Convenient?  Yes.  Healthy pattern to start?  No.

Being a stay at home mom (or as I like to call it, a work-at-home-parent) has made it very easy for me to forget how to socialize (Facebook and Twitter don't always count as socializing).  Between my son's sleep needs, food needs, and diaper changing needs, it often seems easier just to stay at home.  As Sam gets older, (requiring less napping) I am confident we will get out on a regular basis, but for now I find myself getting too comfortable becoming a hermit. 

Have you found yourself clinging to social media (as your main source of socialization) more than you did before you became a parent?  Are you confident others could identify you if you were ever "embroiled in a web of computer espionage?"  Do you love Sandra Bullock movies as much as my family!?

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  1. I will say that one thing I like about Twitter is that after doing it for a while and thinking it was foolish, I've actually recently been meeting new people via Twitter who I have a lot in common with. That has been really fun! :)