Monday, January 6, 2014

reflections of my baby boy

While I sit here next to my man waiting for the football game to finish, I'm thinking about my sweet baby boy during the tail end of his second birthday.  Where did this year go!?  Like, seriously.  I blinked.

I love my sweet Sammy because he loves singing in church.  He belts out his notes without reservation...and on occasion...after observing those around him...puts his tiny hand up in the air to worship with the church.  It is my absolute favorite and brings tears to my eyes every time!!! (...though, since I'm pregnant, that's not hard to do!)

My baby loves to pray...his prayers are usually a little shorter, though, and when he's finished he blurts out a loud "AMEN!" whether we're in a restaurant, in church, or at home.  ...though if he feels like we didn't pray quite enough, or well enough as a group, he holds his hands out, reaching for ours and says amen until we hold his hands, say another quick prayer, and end it with Amen. 

Because of seeing so many mangers during this past Christmas season, Sammy now says "Jesus" whenever he sees pictures of babies.  Eventually we'll work on differentiating between babies, but for now, I'm fine with every baby reminding him of Jesus.

I know these are all tiny little things that only parents cherish, but to me they are also hope.  Hope that we're doing something right to raise our boy in an environment that helps him connect to Jesus and be in a real relationship that he chooses.

He's also got a tender heart that points out people who are sad and offers hugs freely.  When he thinks of his cousins, he blurts out, "Miss you, Ella.  Miss you, Morgan."  (He hasn't quite bonded as much with his boy cousins, yet, I guess!) 
His heart makes mine so happy.

As my little toddler morphs into a person during this coming year, I pray his heart will continue to be shaped into one that resembles Jesus.  I am so thankful to God for his tender little spirit.

Love you, Sammy J.  Happy 2nd birthday.

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