Thursday, December 19, 2013

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

I have a challenge for you moms who use Facebook. 
It's kind of a New Year's Resolution type challenge.
Do you think you're up for it?

I challenge you to change your profile picture to a picture of yourself for the year 2014.  
And I challenge you to change your profile name to your first and last name only.

Now do you understand the title of this entry? "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"
His name is John Schmidt.

If you want to still allow people to search for you by your maiden name or your three Catholic middle names, then use the option under settings to add that to your alternative name.
Go to settings (the little cog/wheel on the top right,) then account settings and you will click on name and then see this screen.  Give your first and your last and then, if you want, add the "Jacob Jingleheimer" in the "Alternate Name" part.
It's just easier this way.  Have you ever tried tagging someone and 14 names come up as part of their name?  Who wants all that!?

And the profile picture challenge is probably going to be the hardest.  I mean, after all, your babies are SO cute.  They really are, I know they are.  And I love looking at the pictures you post of them. 
But I'm friends with YOU and I want to see YOUR face. 
You are beautiful.  Your friends like to see your face.
And let's be honest, when 20 of your friends have babies as their profile pictures and confusing Facebook names, sometimes it's hard to even figure out who my news feed is talking about!!!

Embrace yourself.  And put up a picture of yourself. 
If you want, feel free to squeeze in all your kiddos with you, but YOU still have to be in the picture.
Deal?  Deal.

What other changes are you making for 2014?

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